Understanding First three verses of Srimad Bhagavatam

This course offers an in-depth understanding of first three verses of Shrimad Bhagavatam. They are known as Mangalacharana verses and are systematically analyzed by various Acharyas commenting on Shrimad Bhagavatam. The course focuses on concepts from Shrila Shridhara Swami, Shrila Jiva Goswami, Shrila Vishvanatha Chakravarti and Shrila Prabhupada's commentaries on these three verses. The original verses will be analyzed in detail and philosophical themes on each verse will be discussed.

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13.5 hrs


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16 rounds chanting, Following the 4 regulative principles

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8 pm-9:30 pm

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HG Kanai Krishna Das

Kanai Krishna Das is a disciple of His Holiness Radhanatha Swami Maharaja. He joined ISKCON in 2001. Currently he serves as a full-time monk in ISKCON

NVCC, Pune, India. After completing his graduation in mechanical engineering, in 2004, from Govt. College of engineering, Pune, he worked with MNCs such as FMR Corporation, Honeywell Corporation and others, as an Oracle consultant for 6 years.

He joined as a full-time monk in ISKCON Pune in year 2011. Since his college years, he has rendered services as a preacher of Krishna consciousness to student and corporate youth.

He is a member of ISKCON’s Shastric Advisory Council (SAC), a body which advises GBC on the matters pertaining to Shastras and their applications in ISKCON.

He is the Director of Academics at ISKCON Bhagavata Mahavidyalaya, Govardhan. He is also the Dean of academics at ISKCON NVCC, for Bhakti Shastri, Bhakti Vaibhava and Bhakti Vedanta courses. He is a Sanskrit scholar with expertise in Paninian Grammar. He teaches Sanskrit grammar, Sanskrit commentaries on Bhakti Shastras as well as courses like Bhakti Vaibhava and Bhakti Vedanta to students at IBMV Govardhan, ISKCON Pune and other places in India.

Course Overview

Course content covers following themes in detail:
1. The historicity of Bhagavatam
2. Common misconceptions about Bhagavatam and their refutations
3. Defining Absolute truth: Svarupa lakshana and Tatastha lakshana
4. Discussion of first 5 sutras of Vedanta in the context of first verse
5. Refutation of Advaita Vedanta
6. How first verse is explanation of Gayatri mantra
7. Five explanations of first verse, as given by Srila Vishvanatha Chakravarti
8. Bhagavatam's superiority over three topics of Vedas
9. When was Bhagavatam written down
10. The importance of receiving Bhagavatam through parampara
11. How to relish the rasa of Bhagavatam

Multiple Choices Question (MCQ) test at the end of the course

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