Bhakti Vaibhav (Hybrid)

Please note: This is a Hybrid model and the fees for prasadam and accommodation in Deland for 3 weeks will be $315 in addition to the tuition fee that you will pay to register for the course. Please fill out this google form to request for accommodation :

By Bhakti Vaibhav Teachers

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Only those who have completed Bhakti Shastri, can pursue this course. You need to submit your Bhakti Shastri certificate issued from ISKCON Board of Examination along with the recommendation letter.

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A detailed study of the cantos one to six of the Srimad Bhagavatam. Module 1 covers Canto 1, 2 & 3. Module 2 covers Canto 4, 5 & 6.

In this hybrid model, we will cover Canto 1 onsite (Venue: DeLand, Florida, USA) with the remaining 5 cantos online for a total duration of approximately 3 years.

Please fill out this google form to request for accommodation :

Course Schedule: 

Onsite Classes will be held for 6 days a week (M-Sat) (30hrs/wk or 5 hrs/day) for 3 weeks (July 29th, 2024 to August 18th, 2024)

The first canto will be covered onsite.  

Online Classes will be held for 4 hrs/week

Cantos 2-6 will be covered in approx 120 weeks after August 2024 with 4 hrs per week schedule.

This duration includes the assessment weeks as well.

A detailed schedule will be shared with all the registered students.

The students who will pass all the assessments of Modules 1 & 2 will be awarded a Bhakti Vaibhav degree from ISKCON Board of Exams.

Course materials: 

Students’ Handbook

Course Fees: $60 per module ($120) + $315 Prasadam & accommodation for 3 weeks in DeLand

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